About International College Of English Language (ICEL)

We have taught more than 2,00,000 (lakh) students since 1983. I.C.E.L. is famous for imparting teaching in English language to both ladies & gents. We teach about 12 - 15 groups-each hour daily- of various standards /levels of English language. Conspicuously, during peak season, more than 80 groups are taught English in the ICEL daily from 6.30 A.M. to 9.00 P.M.-right from 15 to 60 years of age-all kinds of people / students wishing to improve / learn English who come here not only from every nook & corner of Delhi but also from various parts of India also. Here we teach, during peak season, more than one thousand students daily. We have spacious accommodation-more than 20 big rooms in the centre of west Delhi near famous District Centre Janak Puri. ICEL Building is situated on the main Najafgarh Road (Shivaji Road). Bus stop is called Dholi Piau or Narang Colony.

ICEL Management

Founder of ICEL, Lion L.D. Shahdadpuri, is an Educationist of national eminence and philanthropist of international fame; Madam K.K. Shahdadpuri, a highly educated lady, is the Principal and Mrs. Sadhna Sajnani, London educated & back bone of the College, is the Vice Principal.

All of them have lived in England for a number of years and have been teaching personally in this Institute since 1983 after having returned from London. Apart from them, many more highly experienced teachers impart teaching in English language in this Institute.

Why do the students of ICEL respect this College so much?

  1. Because We teach here with full dedication and devotion.
  2. Because of simple, systematic and scientific ways of teaching.
  3. Highest degree of discipline is maintained in this College, which creates a good atmosphere for 'teaching & learning'.
  4. Here highly qualified and well behaved teachers respect the values of discipline, punctuality and regularity.
  5. No favour at all-whether the student is a woman or a man; a senior officer or a small worker; a police officer or a peon; a doctor or a dish-washer; an engineer or an executive's servant; affluent or poor-all are treated alike and equal attention is paid to all. No fees concession for anyone at all.
  6. No student is allowed to continue if he or she cannot be disciplined, regular and punctual. 'Punctuality & Regularity' is given the 'utmost importance.
  7. Fees of ICEL is reasonably lower if compared to fees structure of other Institutes of English language in Delhi. Fees is charged monthly and not in one lumpsum for the entire course as is the normal practice of other Schools/Institutes of English language
  8. The Founder of this College ensures to find an opportunity to speak to the students of each group personally frequently - not only to ensure their progress but to inculcate in them 'patriotism to make them better citizens also. He fills in them emotions of 'love & sacrifice' for their 'motherland';and stresses on moral and ethical values. He can mould the minds of the students who are generally between the age group of 15 to 60 yrs., through his personal examples of sacrifice, devotion, dedication and discipline.
  9. ICEL is a co-educational Institute. Strict & vigilant eye is kept by their alert teachers to ensure that students study here seriously. In fact ICEL is a 'temple of learning'.
  10. First we teach ourselves-how to behave as 'model teachers' and then we preach. We attach highest importance to the Indian heritage of 'learning and teaching', combined and co-ordinated with simple, systematic and scientific ways of our teaching.

"Eloquent English language and right etiquette enhances and facilitates to achieve an epitome of success- of paramount importance to enable you to surpass and surmount others."

-Sadhna Sajnani
Vice Principal of ICEL