About Founder — Lion L.D. Shahdadpuri, Melvin Jones Fellow (M.A. English): ARSH (London)

A Man of Dedication

Lion L.D. Shahdadpuri, an Educationist of national eminence and philanthropist of International fame - is a man of discipline, determination and dedication. He is heading more than ten Educational, Cultural and Social Organizations, apart from being the Chief Educational Advisor and Founder of I.C.E.L. - India's leading College of English language - where we have taught more than two lakhs (2,00,000) adult students including doctors, engineers, chartered accountants, businessmen, advocates, teachers, MBAs, post graduates and undergraduates: all types of students and in fact, people from various walks of life — whether they are ladies or gents - since 1983 after the Founder of ICEL, Lion L.D.Shahdadpuri returned from England with his entire family to re-settle in India with an urge and zeal to serve his own motherland. Since then, even today, at the age of 77, he is busy day and night in educational, cultural and social fields. He is the winner of the Melvin Jones Fellowship - the highest honour bestowed upon him in 1990 by the International President, Lion William L. "Bill" Biggs, of Omaha, Nabraska U.S.A (I.A.L.C.) for his internationally recognized selfless social services. He has visited more than 15 countries of the world including U.S.A., Canada, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Hong-Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Uganda, Nepal, Kenya, Pakistan etc. and has lived in London for a number of years alongwith his family.

'Social Work' is his first love. He is internationally recognized philanthropist and a social worker of first grade. He works ceaselessly for the downtrodden sections of Society and student community. He is a philanthropist, a social worker of dedication and 'an excellent' administrator of 'distinguished qualities.'

Anything and everything under his administration, runs systematically & smoothly' - whether it is an Association, a Club or a College. Everyone respects his rules-though hard, but very useful-as he applies them universally without any favour at all. Before preaching, he first practices these on himself.

Most of the people only talk good things but seldom do themselves. Here is a man who does everything practically- whatever he says: he does it with determination, dedication and devotion. He is a 'born teacher' of rare qualities - a teacher in real sense. Not only he is extremely successful in teaching English language but is excellent in 'ethical & moral' teachings also. He moulds the minds of even 'middle-aged' students magically to fill in them emotions of love, sacrifice and patriotism. Students not only adore but worship him as their 'Guru'. He is a person only to be admired.

"The magic of I.C.E.L. leading is its Versatility which is breathtaking."

"Personality Is the golden habit for sure Success in any field and Regularity is Key to perfection."

"For excellence, it is necessary to Revolutionize Your Knowledge of English"

- by Lion L.D Shahdadpuri (Founder of ICEL)